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Pimping our shiny new multi-fandom drabble community

Seeing a number of you take part in the International Women's Day drabble meme two weeks ago, I regretted not jumping on the band wagon myself. Discussing our drabbling desires, mrstater and I got to thinking: wouldn't it be great to have a venue dedicated solely to writing drabbles for whatever fandom we fancied? The chat ended, as it inevitably would, with deciding to fill the community gap ourselves.

Thus it is with much giddiness that we invite you to join us for some Multi-Fandom Daily Drabble fun at our new community, day_by_drabble!

There's a thread for getting to know each other and our fandom interests, and in a few days we'll be posting the info about our first event, the April Shower's Drabblethon.

So, whether you're a single-minded member of the Internet's largest fandom, or are the very first to dabble in fanfic, or flit around between dozens of fandoms--or all of the above!--become a member of day_by_drabble for a daily dose of inspiration.

And don't forget to tell a friend. :) (Feel free to snag the ad banner to promote the community on your f-lists and favorite fanfic sites.)

Arthur's Frown

The Curse of Chalion Fic: The Morning

Title: The Morning
Author: godricgal
Rating: PG-13, for nudity and what not.
Word Count: 721 words
Summary: Lord dy Cazaril and his new wife, the lady Betriz, are journeying from the city of Cardegoss to Valenda. They are accompanied by an old friend who has not yet come to appreciate the change in their circumstance, but after an unwelcome interruption, Lord Cazaril decides that serious action is called for.
Author's Notes: I had a bet with mrstater and I lost. The agreed terms were that I'd write any fic she wanted, any fandom, any prompt, and she requested Caz and Betriz, with the prompt 'morning'. So here is my very first posted fan fic that doesn't contain the word 'Remus'. It's unbetaed and swiftly written, so please excuse any roughness around the edges. Concrit welcome. :)

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Strictly Come R/T Dancing

Fic Rec - R/T

I'm sure either mrstater or I have recced this author before, but a long time ago. She's back with her first fic in about eighteen months and it certainly cheered up my Tuesday morning, so I thought I'd rec it in the hope that she might get a few extra reviews out of it and be inspired to stick around in fandom for a while.

The author is Amy Elizabeth and her new fic is called Getting to the Mustard
Pink Christmas - Godricgal

Past Presents and Present Moments

Title: Past Presents and Present Moments
Author: godricgal
Rating: R, but only just.
Word Count: 1,724 words.
Summary: It's Boxing Day and Remus and Tonks are spending the evening with Tonks' grandpa, who has a question for Remus.
Author's Notes: Written as a rather belated birthday present for shimotsuki. I had intended to post this later in the week, but I thought it might be nice to post it tonight, to coincide with other birthdays. ;) This fic (Duckingverse) partners Christmas Quackers. Pre-reading isn't vital, but they're so close in the timeline that you might like to know what had gone before. Many thanks to mrstater for the beta.

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Pink Christmas - Godricgal

Christmas Quackers

Title: Christmas Quackers
Author: godricgal
Rating: PG (Just to be on the safe side.)
Word Count 3,375 words.
Summary: As Remus and Tonks' first Christmas approaches, they manage, around their Order duties, to make time to enjoy a little Christmas shopping together and pay a visit to Tonks' beloved Grandpa.
Author's Notes: This begins in mid December of OotP. It's set in Ducking verse, but I don't think you'll miss too much for not having read the other fics. It's probably enough to know that Remus and Tonks have a certain fondness for ducks. Many thanks to mrstater for a quacking beta job and for being one step ahead of me with the duck puns. ;) I should add that this is what should have been my Meta Advent fic, for which I had two prompts, only one of which I can remember: Christmas crackers, and so I assume I have not used the other one. Though it's possible that I did...;)

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Happy Birthday, mrstater!

Happy Birthday, my lovely. I hope you have a wonderful day and this fic fits the birthday bill. Love you lots. xx

Title: Step By Step
Author: godricgal
Rating: R
Word Count 5,315 words
Summary: She sounds like a petulant school girl and winces slightly because that's not how she wants to come across to the older man she wants to think well of her in terms of being a lot more than just the good friends they aren't quite yet but could be.
Warnings: There's a smidgeon of smut.
Author's Notes: Dedicated to mrstater for the occasion of her birthday. With thanks to fantasticjackie for reading an early draft of this, and with bucket loads of thanks to bratanimus for doing a fantastic beta job on this and putting up with my tendency to flirt with the last minute. :)

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Alan Rickman

Drabble Four: In the Name of Forgiveness

Title: In the Name of Forgiveness
Author: godricgal
Summary: Harry's thoughts on naming his second son.
Word Count: 215 words
Rating: G
Author's Notes: This is the fourth drabble from the meme, written for sasher_copy, who asked for Snape with the prompt 'lust'. Sasher, this probably isn't what you had in mind, but I had the idea and ran with it, so just be thankful you didn't get the earlier version with twisted Death Eater!sex. ;)

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Other meme drabbles to date:

In the Face of Marriage, a fic featuring Bill and Remus written for gilpin25.

Bedtime, and AU fic which features Remus, Tonks and Teddy, and was written for drumher.

Sugar and Spice, or Puppy Dog Tails, an R rated piece with Remus, Tonks and mentions of Teddy. (AU) Written for mrstater.

chococoffeekiss, you're not last for any other reason than I was waiting for a good idea to strike, which I think has now happened, so hopefully yours will appear shortly! :)

Sugar and Spice, or Puppy Dog Tails

Title: Sugar and Spice, or Puppy Dog Tails
Author: godricgal
Summary: Tonks has a proposition to put to Remus; Remus has one of his own.
Rating:R, for sexual content.
Word count: 784 words
Author's Notes Written for mrstater, who requested Remus, Tonks and Teddy with the prompt 'rabbit'. There is not so much Teddy, probably even less of mention of rabbits, but this is what I came up with. I'm not sure if this is complete as it is, or if it really ought to be about twice as long, but I resolved with this drabble meme to write and post, so that is what I'm doing! I hope it's enjoyable for what it is. :) Feedback would be appreciated.

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Other meme drabbles to date:

In the Face of Marriage, a fic featuring Bill and Remus written for gilpin25

Bedtime, which features Remus, Tonks and Teddy, and was written for drumher